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The 5th Samurai: Katsushiro Okamoto.
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The changes.

Hello people.==^-^==.
After finally learning how to get the themes and everything setup I spent quite sometime working on this one.

I'm also going to offer "Random Challenge" here as well. First announced at Saiyuki: We Are Family.
Yeah I started that one as well.;p.

The rules for random challenge for this comm.

1. Doesn't matter what you create for it. Fanart, Fanfiction, Etc.

2.  Katsushiro will have to be in it and or one of the main focuses..

3. Random challenge is where you request something/someone or a pair or whatever.
Whomever or whatever you request is well up to you.

I'll reply with some random whatever and if you like the challenge you have two months to post it.
If an extension is needed just let me know.

You can request another challenge if you are not happy with one given.
I don't mind giving other challenges. Not everyone is gonna be happy with what they get.;p.

All ratings are welcome but and this is a must. Have them rated correctly.
Lj-cuts are optional, Just give a link to where the whatever is at. A working one please.;b.

In terms of claiming just say who and or what your claiming.

Sorry nothing to give if you complete a challenge. Though I will be working on a "Complete" area for anyone who has done their challenge.

Well I'll be back later!
04/15/2007, 10:43pm.

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