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The 5th Samurai: Katsushiro Okamoto.
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RogueWarrior869 [userpic]

Wow, I've been neglecting LiveJournal a good bit lately. Once my work pile gets smaller, I will follow through with those plans to clean the place up. Terribly sorry for the ongoing hold up. I hope a of you are doing well. <3

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Like with my other communities, I have made plans on revamping this place and cleaning it up a bit.
It feels cluttered and empty right now.

Over the next couple of months, I will be making changes here and there to get this place running like an actual comm!

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RogueWarrior869 [userpic]

I have just finished editing the Bio and now there are themes for Writing/Drawing/Even making a video if you like.XD.                                             So, read the rules and hopefully have fun!

Leave any questions or claims here via a comment.==^-^==.

I will be adding the official claims list link soon as well as everything else so this is just meant to do for the moment.^^.


Shoot, before I forget. You claim Katsushiro from the original Movie as well.:3.

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Hello people.==^-^==.
After finally learning how to get the themes and everything setup I spent quite sometime working on this one.

I'm also going to offer "Random Challenge" here as well. First announced at Saiyuki: We Are Family.
Yeah I started that one as well.;p.

The rules for random challenge for this comm.

1. Doesn't matter what you create for it. Fanart, Fanfiction, Etc.

2.  Katsushiro will have to be in it and or one of the main focuses..

3. Random challenge is where you request something/someone or a pair or whatever.
Whomever or whatever you request is well up to you.

I'll reply with some random whatever and if you like the challenge you have two months to post it.
If an extension is needed just let me know.

You can request another challenge if you are not happy with one given.
I don't mind giving other challenges. Not everyone is gonna be happy with what they get.;p.

All ratings are welcome but and this is a must. Have them rated correctly.
Lj-cuts are optional, Just give a link to where the whatever is at. A working one please.;b.

In terms of claiming just say who and or what your claiming.

Sorry nothing to give if you complete a challenge. Though I will be working on a "Complete" area for anyone who has done their challenge.

Well I'll be back later!
04/15/2007, 10:43pm.

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I know it's a tad late for this but Happy November.^_^.

Okay something came as a wee bit off to me in Episode 8 when Kambei made Katsushiro the 5th Samurai, Shichiroji said
"Giving chances were no one else would",Reffering to Kambei but in the earlier episodes he was already to leave Katsushiro and Kikuchiyo behind.
He might have too if not for the Samurai hunt.Hmm.

Here's another S7 fact for the entry.
Today I have learned that Katsushiro's sword is the 'Daito'.
Pronounced....Die/Dye Toe/Tow.

Have a good day or night or both or whatever.^_^.

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I'm still working on decorating the place so the lack of certain things is to be expected for now.-_-.

By the way I have seen episode 7 and 8 and 7 I found to be amusing.^o^.
The animation will still get you even if you know of it in advance....
*Is speaking from experience*.-_-.

And I noticed in Episode 8 that when Gorobei removed the arrow the metal part did not come out with it.O_o...o_O.Ouchies.

Oh yeah. Here is another almost shameless link to a new story of mine.
S7 of course with the eventual pairing of be shocked...Kyuzo/Katsu.
Who didn't see that one coming.lol....okay did anyone really Laugh Out Loud at that?.-_-.

Title: The 7 Guardians.

The six Guardians are told of another Guardian whose existent was kept secret from them until recent attacks prompt the council to send them to check on him.
They end up bringing the boy back with them and now they must keep themselves safe as well keep their world from being took over/destroyed by some Oc villains with powers like their own.

They Have Powers, It's an AU with modern technology but a very different setting.
More details are in the first chapter at the top such who has what power, ho has what special guardian area.Etc.
There, Hope you enjoy.^_^.



Well have a good day or night or both or whatever.^_^.

10/28/2006, 03:55pm.Saturday.

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Hello and welcome to the place for everything Katsushiro Okamoto.
There will be shounen-ai/yaoi just give the appropriate info please.^_^.

Fan-art? Fanfiction?
Come and post a link.^_^.

I'll start by shamelessly putting up these.^_^.

Title: Of a Blanket and a Blizzard.
Done for the One-Blanket scenario challenge.


It's a one-shot shounen-ai for Kyuzo/Katsushiro.
Nothing heavy except for a kiss and laying with each other.

Title: Your Mine.
Katsu unfortunately catches the eye of powerful weird Oc, Named Ryu.
And Kyuzo is not happy with this at all, And Katsu gets Kat-napped.
Now they have to save him before it's too late.

Work in progress. But nearing completion.^^.


Again Shounen-ai, Kyuzo/Katsushiro.

Title: Defending Honor.
After kanna the 7 travel helping those in need but then they come across an area Katsu knows all to well. Now with an old enemy of his nick-named Demon out to see him dead in a duel what's Kyuzo have to say about it.

Another one almost finished.
Yet again Shounen-ai, Kyuzo/Katsushiro.


Title: Know Your Samurai.
A parody of Know your stars with the cast of Samurai 7.

Work in progress.

There are hints of Kyuzo/Katsushiro.
This one ranges from Shounen-ai through Shoujo-ai and everything else.


Title: Protecting the Innocent.
At the age of 2 1/2 Katsushiro's parents are killed and he leaves with the other 6 who have been loyal to the family as well as friends/family to them.

Lets Note this.
There ages are edited so while Katsu is 2 1/2, Kyuzo is about 11, Heihachi is about 10 etc etc. and the younger ones are still learning the Bushido's.

So far just the Samurai are in it aside from Rikichi and Sanae.
It's a miracle a Samurai 7 fic from me thats not Shounen-ai or features Kyuzo and Katsu as a pairing. well there could some Shounen-ai in it but thats still undecided. Not between the family of Samurai okay.>_<. Then again this fic came before the others...-_-.


I have another S-7 fic but that's more or less for Komachi doing something for her Kiku.
A one-shot.

These are also at FanFiction.net which has some more stories than MediaMiner does for the category but they uploaded better at MediaMiner.org

Well I'll be back later.^_^.

Have a good day or night or both or whatever.^_^.

10/20/2006 04:24pm.

In the morning can not come fast enough!
I'm waiting to see ep's 5 and 6 of S7 in the morning but I really wish It was next week so I could see 7 and 8.^_^.

10/20/2006, 04:29pm.

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